Fine art photography has become a commodity

Photography is a commodity. It lost its rarity value. It lost depth of thought. There was a time when a printed portrait of your family was placed at the center of a room. It was unique, expensive and something to admire. photography was something that was too complicated to comprehend technically and left to experts… Continue reading

Evolutionary changes in evaluating photographic equipment

I find technology intriguing. Be it a camera, lens, flash or other marvellous piece of mechanical engineering that I can drool over. We are a specie that is driven towards improvement, be it technological or spiritual. Although the basis of this drive is our genetic make-up, it is exploited by ingenious corporate marketing. When I… Continue reading

The only thing you MUST do is die and who is John Galt

“Who is John Galt?” If you know who John Galt is, you know who wrote the title. In my opinion she stands for the ultimate freedom anyone can have. To be able to do your own thing and not be bothered by corporate bullshit will levitate faster than Red Bull Wingzzz.  And obviously doing your… Continue reading

Creativity is inversely correlated to the complexity of your gear

Creating something new and enduring is extremely difficult.  I think most creative efforts are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It is the latter that we as proclaimed artists must strive to achieve otherwise our creative efforts fall into the cliche and mundane realms. I really believe the digital era has reduced photography to a commodity. There… Continue reading

Focus on photography and not gear

It is a vicious cycle hobbyist and pro’s go through. You start off loving images and you end up loving your gear more. Having GAP (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) shifts your focus away from photography altogether. The transition is so subtle you don’t even notice it happening. But it is all over once you have it. Have… Continue reading