Hello and welcome!

I’m Ethan Lecuona, a budding 26 year old full-stack developer hailing from the vibrant city of Pretoria, South Africa. (:

My adventures in the tech realm kicked off at a relatively young age. Been dabbling with computers since I was 9 years old and grew quite fond of video games to say the least. My favourites being – Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne and Gran Turismo 4 holding a special place in my heart. This curiosity led to me down some quite fascinating rabbit holes..

Found myself lurking around in .ini files and landscaping in map editors quite often, along with taking part in bountiful 8 man LANS ^.^ The treasures they were.
Fast forward to 2018 and my more adult journey with tech started as a front-end developer doing some work with animations, illustrations, logo designs. Arbitrary lines forming words or shapes and making them move is pretty cool for me. Things going “brrrrr” gives a kick!

I received my BIT Information Systems degree in 2023 while finding wizards and mages on Stack Overflow and Github forums. Pasting my way to victory! Marvelous battles they were! You could have always found me with the varsity squad reminiscing about them over Discord and plotting our plan to find truce in the lands of Academics. They proved useful in achieving the goal. Team work makes the dream work.

This led me to the next big quest on my journey – finding Le job. S-Cubed was kind enough to have given me a helping hand in that regard and, in turn, completing my quest. Providing me a starting ground to test my worth with functions and classes against – the never ending sea of errors, browser tabs, and coffees. Word is I’m still at it to this very day.

That’s the excessively brief summary of my little story! I’m excited and curious about the adventures ahead and the friends that are yet to be made! Opportunities to be conquered and lessons to be learned.

To whom ever may be reading this! Thank you for taking the time! May you too enjoy your drifting through space on this rock! And may you find as much sunshine as your heart desires.