Images in words – Finding expression in Photography

Finding expression of what you are doing if you have not studied any art can restrict your creativeness.

I haven’t gone into the deeper meaning of what John & Lou are trying to say, but like the words and he says a lot what I feel. And i think that is all what counts. Combining your passion emotionally with music, expressing it with poems makes u think deeper. It makes me like what I’m doing more.

I think this is a cool poem and song.

I think it is a good thing to delve into other art forms. It helps finding expression and purpose. Even if you only understand a small subjective portion of it. But it is that little portion that gives you the joy, the inspiration and insight into yourself.

Maybe I just like reading what I cannot express deep inside me

I know it is a song for Andy. As the album is a requiem to him. But this song has a certain intensity and repetitiveness that we all find in our minds when thinking of an image to make/create.


by John Cale and Lou Reed

think images are worth repeating
Images repeated from a painting
Images taken from a painting
From a photo worth re-seeing

I love images worth repeating
Project them upon the ceiling
Multiply them with silk screening
See them with a different feeling

Images, those images
Images, those images

Some say images have no feeling
I think there’s a deeper meaning
Mechanical precision or so it’s seeming
Instigates a cooler feeling

I love multiplicity of screenings
Things born anew display new meanings
I think images are worth repeating
And repeating, and repeating

Images, oh, images
Images, images

I’m no urban idiot savant
Spewing paint without any order
I’m no sphinx, no mystery enigma
What I paint is very ordinary

I don’t think I’m old or modern
I don’t think I think I’m thinking
It doesn’t matter what I’m thinking
It’s the images that are worth repeating

And repeating
Those images, images

If you’re looking for a deeper meaning
I’m as deep as this high ceiling
If you think technique is meaning
You might find me very simple

You might think that images boring
Cars and cans and chairs and flowers
You might find me personally boring
Hammer, sickle, Mao Tse Tong

Mao Tse Tong
Those images, those images

I think that it bears repeating
The images upon the ceiling
I love images worth repeating
And repeating and repeating

Images, images
Those, images, those, images


From the album: Songs For Drella


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