The only thing you MUST do is die and who is John Galt

“Who is John Galt?”

If you know who John Galt is, you know who wrote the title. In my opinion she stands for the ultimate freedom anyone can have. To be able to do your own thing and not be bothered by corporate bullshit will levitate faster than Red Bull Wingzzz.  And obviously doing your own thing within reason and consideration of other people and the environment, for which I am passionate about, makes sense.

“The only thing you MUST do is die” is the basis on what I believe. I do not have to believe in what you believe, I do not have to do what you tell me to do, as long as I respect other people and their opinions and feelings. Maybe it is one of the reasons I hate corporate life. There you are a number, a puppet, just like all others in the company, to the shareholders and pension fund holders that only look at the latest nett profit figures.  Sounds a little lefty don’t I, but I am a capitalist. I think I put myself in Eddie Izzard’s leftist category, that’s right, I will protest and inform you about the protest, but I will pay for the damage. LOL. A leftist capitalist atheist. Yep, that is me.

Ultimate freedom dawns on you when you believe that your boss, your spouse, your friends and peers cannot tell you what to do. You don’t need to go on a shit holiday with your opinionated glued on family, you don’t have to work all weekend just because your friggin delusional egocentric boss has not done his work to prepare a presentation on Monday. You don’t have to work late. Because if you are require to do these things, and there are a billion similar samples, your are more worth on your own than being butt fucked by those above you and next to you.

I will go even further. It also applies to customers. “Oh, I need it yesterday”. Bullshit, you should have planned a week before.  Don’t shift you incompetence on to me so that you can look good. Pay me enough to do it, yeah well that is another thing, but you will not be able to afford it. I am not here to be your slave, I am here to enjoy myself, and if you think I am going to do something that does not fit my framework of enjoyment, try another supplier and receive the shit customer service you deserve.

John Galt would have done the same.