Homeless dog

I can be sentimental at times and this image is one of them.  It was our last day at Ballito Bay (Close to Durban South Africa) and while walking back to the car I saw this lonely dog. There were not much people around and he looked as if he did not belong to anyone. Well he acted like that I guess, much in the same way you see a homeless person walking along the street.  Well this little flea hotel was homeless, I’m sure of it. I’ve never seen a dog with such a sad posture in my life, and I had a Staffi that would sit on the top of our terrace steps, stare out over the garden and sulk. Really sulk pitifully.

Well I tried to get a shot of his eyes but he kept on looking away, as dogs do when showing non-aggression. I wouldn’t say his tail was whisking any sand away. It was getting dark so light was a problem, especially getting some detail on his hair. This was the best shot I could select. Taken at 1/60 f1.8 ISO:800 @ 50mm, on a 2004 old sensor, so the detail in the hair is a little missing, maybe that is good thing, at least you cannot see all the fleas 🙂

It amazed me how disinterested he looked so I decided to go against convention and put his face in the bottom corner of the image. Just to emphasize the fact.  I hope you like 🙂

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