Street photography

Street photography is an old ‘passion’ or ‘interest’ of mine. I never knew existed, I did not know the term as well or that such a subject was photographed. My first black and white creative images were unknowing ‘street ‘types’. Those were the days before the internet and when film was the only medium.

Some of my first street photography shots fall under VintageVintage, haha, am I that old?

Below are my first attempts in X amount of years, the number has eluded me as it has become too large for my brain to compute, but it falls comfortably within the long integer realm of mathematics.

So I have started with delayed enthusiasm embracing a new medium but same focus. A more mature but still significantly insecure angle of view.

My new reborn inspiration came from Eric KimEric Kim. Please view and follow him. He has incredible knowledge and shares everything he knows on his website.