I guess black and white nature photography is easy, if you are not careful. Hitting the proverbial cliche image is very easy as I guess this is the first style us amateurs explore, other than snapping away photographing our family.  I might have a wide range of black and white images, I am careful not to over indulge in everything I walk pass. In most cases nature comes to me in the small details or alternative angles that brings a new perspective. Emotion plays a big role as in the two burnt Aloe plants the sadness of natural  gruesome death of kelp on the beach. I guess the extreme wide angle view taken so close overstates the point I tried to make about the kelp.  I have to admit that some nature images border on the abstract, so you might find some under that heading too (but I try and remain focussed).




beach sand black and white


Weathered Rock

angry sky black and white image

Night Rain

Desert plants

monochrome photography leaves fineart art



Aloe dead leaves


Bushveld Road

Burnt Aloe



black and white photography nature grass stems

Arum jaune lilly

clouds black white b&w photography fineart fine art nature