10 Years in the making – The short story of an image

I am intrigued by textures, shapes and colour shifts in nature. Over time your environment changes and nothing stays the same. These leaves are in my garden and I watched them for 10 years. It’s a common plant actually, not one I like as its flowers are below the leaves. They are efficient spider and… Continue reading

Creativity is inversely correlated to the complexity of your gear

Creating something new and enduring is extremely difficult.  I think most creative efforts are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It is the latter that we as proclaimed artists must strive to achieve otherwise our creative efforts fall into the cliche and mundane realms. I really believe the digital era has reduced photography to a commodity. There… Continue reading

Focus on photography and not gear

It is a vicious cycle hobbyist and pro’s go through. You start off loving images and you end up loving your gear more. Having GAP (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) shifts your focus away from photography altogether. The transition is so subtle you don’t even notice it happening. But it is all over once you have it. Have… Continue reading